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So, this is both an exciting and scary time, my first ever blog post. I have followed some blogs, quite a range in fact from a baking blog to a ballet blog and from a literary blog to my friend Heathers' blog who loves all things vintage and pretty. I don't want my blog to just be some kind of business blog, advertising my products; after all you can easily see these here and who isnt relieved that we can now fast forward our television adverts (especially those Boxing Day furniture and car showroom adverts!!). My aim is for it to be a little place where I can be creative, expressing myself and getting into some discussions with you about things I like (and on a grumpy day, those I don't like!!). And maybe, if we get some really lovely new stock I may have to share some of my excitement!


Maybe you are wondering where Sugar Plum Cottage started? I have always loved buying "bits and bobs", as my Grandma would call them. I liked nothing more than buying a new little notebook or a souvenir eraser from a holiday gift shop. I didn't spend money on sweets; I did have sweets but with my Grandad who once a week took me to the local paper shop for some "rock" (a good old Leicester expression for any confectionary, not just the sticks from the seaside!). Instead, I preferred to spend my money on hairslides, pretty "bits and bobs" or anything related to ballet and frogs (a strange childhood obsession collecting frogs, not the real type, just cartoon versions!!). Spending money wasn't the only side of retail that I dabbled in as a little girl; as an only child I had to play creatively and loved a bit of role play (with pretend friends and customers!!). I loved nothing more than playing with my post office, market stall and supermarket sets, especially loving operating the till with the plastic money. So maybe I was always destined to be in retail?!


When plastic fruit and pretend cheque books became a little passe, I concentrated more on what was to become my career, my passion, my lifeblood; dancing. I work as a dance teacher and just love it but with such fudning cuts in education and the arts (surely another subject for a blog post), dance becomes more and more sidelined in schools and work a little sparser. I wasn't prepared to give up, I love it too much and believe too much in the work that I do but I did need some other work that would fit in with my life. After reflecting on my other childhood dreams (by dancing, I was already living one), I began to sell on Ebay; its a great platform for selling, especially when you are testing your products and market but I felt a little confined by designs and the inability to sell some brands. So the next phase began and a website evolved. I knew I had to sell something a little different to set myself aside from the busy market.....Aside of ballet and pretty things, I love dogs; they are fun, happy and love cuddles, what more could a girl want. I have two dogs, Rosie and Meg and my old dog Poppy will always have a place in my heart (she is definately the subject of another blog!). So whilst selling lovely things that evoke flowers, hearts, love and sparkle we also sell lovely accessories for dogs, for people who love their dogs just as much as I do!


Sugar Plum Cottage has certainly been a labour of love and probably always will be but I would like to invite your feedback on the site and products and if any guest bloggers or artists would like to contribute or commission us,then please do get in touch. Lets make life prettier and dogs more loved xxx

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